DC or Marvel?

I’d preferably go with Detective Comics just because it’s the original comic book business. Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster made Action Comics #1 in 1939, featuring Superman. DC has a more wider table of characters than Marvel, it’s video games are better (ever played DC Universe Online?), and the villans are more villan-y. That’s MY opinion, but whatever floats your boat.

Stay Fly!😎✌

The Flash!
The Flash

Firebird!! Origin story

As promised, here is the first adventure I’m publishing is about the ORIGIN of one of my personal FAVORITE superheros I’ve made up. The FIREBIRD!!!

Faster than a lambo at top speed, and more hot-headed than a volcano! It’s Firebird! Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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I’ll turn this into a couple sentences, it’s the god tier of defense. If you go out trying to one-shot a Metang with a crappy move like Slash, Belive me, it won’t work unless your Pokemon is level 65. Its weak to Fire, Ghost (?!?!?), and I believe Fighting (Why not WATER, Miyamoto?) It’s resistances, there are not that many I don’t even know what they are except Electric. What I’m trying to say is, Steel is the best type in the entire game.                           Stay Fly!😎✌

What Is the Madden Cover Curse?

Captain’s log-Febuary 8-2019-12:21.

I play Madden 17 and I just figured out about the so-called “Cover Curse.” If you are not familiar with it, the cover curse is a curse to any sports player that appears on a cover of a sports game. For some people on covers – like OBJ, Calvin Johnson, and Richard Sherman – they were sort of forgotten, not cursed. According to my reasearch, only 6 and a half of all Madden games are not cursed.  Those games not cursed include Madden 05 (Ray Lewis), Madden 25 (Calvin Johnson), Madden 16 (Richard Sherman), Madden 18 (Tom Brady), Madden 11 is half- cursed, because Larry Fitzgereald went to the Pro Bowl, but Troy Polumalu hurt his MCL, and Madden 19 (Antonio Brown.)

From my perspective, the cover curse is the duke of video game superstition, especially because that only six and a half Madden games are cursed, or the players LET themselves get hurt. I know one thing for sure, Michael Vick problaby sped to his fibula injury!

Stay Fly!😎✌

Me and Fortnite

Fortnite LifeIn the “About Me” section, it says that I like Fortnite. Well, now i’m ten, and to me, Fortnite is dying. If you are a kid, you’re problaby screaming your head off saying, “WHAT?!?!!?!” Yep, Fortnite is dead to me. Here’s why.

  1. It’s so popular, you problaby could be play duos with a hacker right now.
  2. It’s old. (est 2017)👴👎
  3. Your parents are probly mad at themselves for letting you buy Fortnite
  4. There are other games like Madden where you learn about sports ‘n stuff.

So if you’re a parent who’s son or daughter is playing Fortnite right now, go to their room and shout “GIT OFF THAT SILLY GAME!” Or, if you prefer to do things in a more calmer way, just say, “No more Fortnite, okay?” Stay Fly!😎✌

Real Pokemon?

region map pokemonA lot of people wonder, what if pokemon were real? I wonder it too, so i’ll answer that question with the power of BULLET POINTS!

  • We’d be a LOT more physically fit.
  • If somebody had a close encounter, it’d problaby be an Ultra Beast.
  • Why collect cards when you can actually just play with a real Pokemon?
  • Kids who are 10+like me would be actually happy when our 10th bithday comes, even if we only get a pair of socks and a toy car as presents.
  • Nobody would make up Pokemon anymore because it’ll problaby show up in the next gen.
  • NO POKEMON GAMES!!!!!!!!!😫😫😫
  • There would be reality shows like “Guess That Pokemon” instead of the anime.
  • People are going to run their butt off just to see a legendary, small legendaries like Shaymin and Celebi.n
  • Would the states be the regions, or would the continents? Who knows?
  • People would stop using cars and just use ride Pokemon.
  •  I don’t know if the whole “sunshine and rainbows” thing from the anime would carry over to real life.
  • More “back in my day” stories w/ their old Pokemon.
  • More companies (I’ll give $10 if you can guess why)
  • Lots and lots and lots of bad guys. LOTS.
  • Less gruel, more “MWAHAHA!” type of bad guys.

We’ll stop there, but the list keeps going and going. If you are a kid and it’s sunny outside your window, go outside and play! Get some fresh air! I’ve been sick all week, and a hurricane is going on outside my neighborhood (not really, it’s just raining very hard)!

For my next post, I’m going to tell you my top 10 favorite Pokemon! Stay Fly! 😎✌

Super Bowl LIII

I personally liked and disliked this year’s super bowl. What I liked, Tom Brady didn’t get MVP (yaaaaas). What I disliked, The matchup. Vital info, I live in Tennessee, and in 2000, my hometown was BEATEN in the super bowl, AGAINST the Rams!!! And Tommy All-Star over in Foxborough is a cheater. So when Sony Mitchell scored the only touchdown, I didn’t care who won.

Tell me in the comments if you liked the super bowl, If not, tell me what the matchup SHOULD have been.

Why are Rock Types TRASH?

Simple question, simple answer, it has 4 resistances (fire, ICE, flying, and bug),but it has  WEAKNESSES, Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, and Steel. So why does the rock type suck? Well, I just told you. it sucks to the best freakin’ types in the history of pokemon. STEEL?!!?! Come on, DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!!! 😑😣😣

Also, there are only 19 Rock type moves. Compared to how many moves Fire has, Rock types are the second worst type in the game after the dreaded BUG TYPE. 🤢

Note to every one who plays pokemon; Would you rather have flamethrower, or ROCK SHARD?!?!?!?!   Come ON PEOPLE, Rock Types are WAY to overrated (poor Rockruff lol).🤣

Hey, I LOVE the rock type, I love Lycanroc, I love RegiRock, I love Golem, but they all STINK. 😒 Why you bully me Shigeru Miyamoto?  So Fly Eli, Out.✌

Coming soon!!!

Yours truly has an announcement, I will be writing and drawing comics for the website!!! Me and my best friend Shawn have developed a comic business (not really, we make them for fun.)  It will be called NEON COMIX (trademark) !!!! The first adventure i’m sending out is about the ORIGIN of one of my personal FAVORITE superheros i’ve made up. The FIREBIRD!!!

Faster than a lambo at top speed, and more hot-headed than a volcano!  + a chance to win any of these Football Famers;  Joe Montana, Anthony Munoz, Cornelius Bennet, Roy Green, or Jeff Van Note! BUT, Only TWO cards will go, so it’s best not to peek! Send your name, address, and zip code to beingflyeli@gmail.com for your chance to win any of the hall of famers I mentioned above.

So, if you like mashups, NEON is the thing for you! And, as Stan Lee would say,                                                                                                                                                        EXCELSIOR!!!