What Is the Madden Cover Curse?

Captain’s log-Febuary 8-2019-12:21.

I play Madden 17 and I just figured out about the so-called “Cover Curse.” If you are not familiar with it, the cover curse is a curse to any sports player that appears on a cover of a sports game. For some people on covers – like OBJ, Calvin Johnson, and Richard Sherman – they were sort of forgotten, not cursed. According to my reasearch, only 6 and a half of all Madden games are not cursed.  Those games not cursed include Madden 05 (Ray Lewis), Madden 25 (Calvin Johnson), Madden 16 (Richard Sherman), Madden 18 (Tom Brady), Madden 11 is half- cursed, because Larry Fitzgereald went to the Pro Bowl, but Troy Polumalu hurt his MCL, and Madden 19 (Antonio Brown.)

From my perspective, the cover curse is the duke of video game superstition, especially because that only six and a half Madden games are cursed, or the players LET themselves get hurt. I know one thing for sure, Michael Vick problaby sped to his fibula injury!

Stay Fly!😎✌

Super Bowl LIII

I personally liked and disliked this year’s super bowl. What I liked, Tom Brady didn’t get MVP (yaaaaas). What I disliked, The matchup. Vital info, I live in Tennessee, and in 2000, my hometown was BEATEN in the super bowl, AGAINST the Rams!!! And Tommy All-Star over in Foxborough is a cheater. So when Sony Mitchell scored the only touchdown, I didn’t care who won.

Tell me in the comments if you liked the super bowl, If not, tell me what the matchup SHOULD have been.