My First Post Since February

Hi everyone! I know I haven’t posted in, like, 9 months. That’s because 4 or 5 of those months I didn’t care about typing. But when I actually wanted to post, the app I typed on kinda maybe sorta REJECTED me. I just wanted to say to everyone, THANK YOU for being so patient on my blog (Shout out to superdude, Liz, Steffiandhercoffee, and theDiherian)! So you’ve problably wondered what I’ve been doing for the past couple months. I’m just gonna let you know, I’ve been getting sick a CRAPLOAD of times. From fevers to… well, fever was practically the only condition i’ve had. Also, from the time I’m writing this, tommorow is my birthday! If you want to tell me anything or ask me any questions about my birthday, Just write it in the comment section.

Also I got Disney+ and it is LITTERALLY better than Netflix, Hulu, and HBO COMBINED. The Mandalorian is (No spoilers) WAAAAAAY better than the first six movies. I’m not joking! It’s better than I, II, III, IV, V, and VI (oh, BTW, Those that I just said are a thing called roman nuemerals, in case you didn’t know). I DEFINETLY reccomend getting it. Unless you don’t like Marvel, Star Wars, The Simpsons (Yes, The Simpsons IS on there too), Disney, or Pixar, this movie platform is a 10/10 in my book.

And as you all know, Stay Fly!

The Past Few Days

Sorry about not writing for a couple days. It’s been a very busy four days. I had to go to my granny’s house for two days and one night ( don’t I make some things obvious?)

We ran outta paper so I couldn’t finish Firebird, and my friend Shawn came over, so you get the idea about the “busy four days” part. But not so much for the paper part, or the part about…..

Stay Fly!😎✌

My Personal Grudge With 2K

The famous basketball video game is awesome, but the fact is, I can’t be all “2K Critic” on it because I’ve only played it thrice, three times. So when my friends are like “My point guard is 90 overall, Robin Lopez is bleh bleh bleh, 2K 2K 2K.” I have absolutley no idea what they’re talking about. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, I think people should make what they’re talking about more clear. Speaking of clear, I have an ear infection, yaaaaaaaay!

Stay Fly!😎✌🏀

To Zachary and Amelia: My Favorite Pokemon Types

Here’s a little tribute to my neighbors, Zachary and Amelia, just because they like Pokemon, too.

This blog post is about my top 5 favorite types in Pokemon (not that anybody will see this, but who cares.)

#5- Dragon I took a “What Type Pokemon are You?” survey and I found out that I was Dragon-Flying. Courtesy of Dragonite.

#4-Ghost I think the ghost type is cool because all the moves are very creative, good job Miyamoto!

#3- Steel Call me banwagon, but this type is the best type in the game, that’s why I like it.

#2-Fire My ORIGINAL favorite type, the design and moves of all the fire types have dazzled me.

#1-Electric This type would define me if I were a Pokemon, but i’m not, I’m even BETTER! But this type still magnets me toward it.

So those were my top 5 favorite Pokemon types. Ever. You can’t change it.

Stay Fly!😎✌

My Grudge with the NFL Draft 2019

I predict this year’s NFL Draft will stink. I say that because the only players that I know that will be in the draft are Dwayne Haskins and Greedy Williams, and maybe Jalen Hurts. It also stinks because presumably the worst draft of all time will be in NASHVILLE (Hurts, don’t it? Pun intended)!!!!!! But I’m still going to see it, LIVE!!!

Stay Fly!✌😎🏈

Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

This is the problably most insane post i’m about to… well, post. My favorite Pokemon.

#10- Zekrom Okay, if you like to get ahead of yourself, your’e problaby thinking i’m a banwagon. My favorite pokemon is not what you expect. Anyway, the design of Zekrom being a Electric-Dragon sort of thing is absolutley awesome!

#9- RegiGigas This pokemon I always thought as a “lonley legendary” because it didn’t get that much love like Zerkom, that is why it is #9

#8- Espeon Yep, I love the weridest evolution of Eevee. ‘Nuff Said!

#7-Ditto The fact that it says Ditto can use one move is weird, because dosen’t it take the moves that the Pokemon it’s transforming into?

#6-Lycanrock I’m sorry super dude, Lycanrock used to be my favoite Pokemon, until I figured out it SUCKED (check out “Why Are Rock Types TRASH?!?!?!!”). But I still like it.

#5-Flareon The second worst Eevee evolution is my 5th favorite Pokemon EVER. NOW who’s the bandwagon?!

#4-RockRuff One word, cute

#3-Decidueye My friend next door isn’t as crazy for Decidueye as me, he’s CRAZIER. I just like the idea of a owl archer.

#2-Jolteon That’s the third Eevee evolution I’ve talked about, I’m like on team Eevee or something!

#1-Manectric I absolutley LOVE Manectric. The design, the attacks, EVERYTHING!!!

I”m about out of room so Stay Fly!😎✌