To Zachary and Amelia: My Favorite Pokemon Types

Here’s a little tribute to my neighbors, Zachary and Amelia, just because they like Pokemon, too.

This blog post is about my top 5 favorite types in Pokemon (not that anybody will see this, but who cares.)

#5- Dragon I took a “What Type Pokemon are You?” survey and I found out that I was Dragon-Flying. Courtesy of Dragonite.

#4-Ghost I think the ghost type is cool because all the moves are very creative, good job Miyamoto!

#3- Steel Call me banwagon, but this type is the best type in the game, that’s why I like it.

#2-Fire My ORIGINAL favorite type, the design and moves of all the fire types have dazzled me.

#1-Electric This type would define me if I were a Pokemon, but i’m not, I’m even BETTER! But this type still magnets me toward it.

So those were my top 5 favorite Pokemon types. Ever. You can’t change it.

Stay Fly!😎✌

Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

This is the problably most insane post i’m about to… well, post. My favorite Pokemon.

#10- Zekrom Okay, if you like to get ahead of yourself, your’e problaby thinking i’m a banwagon. My favorite pokemon is not what you expect. Anyway, the design of Zekrom being a Electric-Dragon sort of thing is absolutley awesome!

#9- RegiGigas This pokemon I always thought as a “lonley legendary” because it didn’t get that much love like Zerkom, that is why it is #9

#8- Espeon Yep, I love the weridest evolution of Eevee. ‘Nuff Said!

#7-Ditto The fact that it says Ditto can use one move is weird, because dosen’t it take the moves that the Pokemon it’s transforming into?

#6-Lycanrock I’m sorry super dude, Lycanrock used to be my favoite Pokemon, until I figured out it SUCKED (check out “Why Are Rock Types TRASH?!?!?!!”). But I still like it.

#5-Flareon The second worst Eevee evolution is my 5th favorite Pokemon EVER. NOW who’s the bandwagon?!

#4-RockRuff One word, cute

#3-Decidueye My friend next door isn’t as crazy for Decidueye as me, he’s CRAZIER. I just like the idea of a owl archer.

#2-Jolteon That’s the third Eevee evolution I’ve talked about, I’m like on team Eevee or something!

#1-Manectric I absolutley LOVE Manectric. The design, the attacks, EVERYTHING!!!

I”m about out of room so Stay Fly!😎✌


I’ll turn this into a couple sentences, it’s the god tier of defense. If you go out trying to one-shot a Metang with a crappy move like Slash, Belive me, it won’t work unless your Pokemon is level 65. Its weak to Fire, Ghost (?!?!?), and I believe Fighting (Why not WATER, Miyamoto?) It’s resistances, there are not that many I don’t even know what they are except Electric. What I’m trying to say is, Steel is the best type in the entire game.                           Stay Fly!😎✌

Real Pokemon?

region map pokemonA lot of people wonder, what if pokemon were real? I wonder it too, so i’ll answer that question with the power of BULLET POINTS!

  • We’d be a LOT more physically fit.
  • If somebody had a close encounter, it’d problaby be an Ultra Beast.
  • Why collect cards when you can actually just play with a real Pokemon?
  • Kids who are 10+like me would be actually happy when our 10th bithday comes, even if we only get a pair of socks and a toy car as presents.
  • Nobody would make up Pokemon anymore because it’ll problaby show up in the next gen.
  • NO POKEMON GAMES!!!!!!!!!😫😫😫
  • There would be reality shows like “Guess That Pokemon” instead of the anime.
  • People are going to run their butt off just to see a legendary, small legendaries like Shaymin and Celebi.n
  • Would the states be the regions, or would the continents? Who knows?
  • People would stop using cars and just use ride Pokemon.
  •  I don’t know if the whole “sunshine and rainbows” thing from the anime would carry over to real life.
  • More “back in my day” stories w/ their old Pokemon.
  • More companies (I’ll give $10 if you can guess why)
  • Lots and lots and lots of bad guys. LOTS.
  • Less gruel, more “MWAHAHA!” type of bad guys.

We’ll stop there, but the list keeps going and going. If you are a kid and it’s sunny outside your window, go outside and play! Get some fresh air! I’ve been sick all week, and a hurricane is going on outside my neighborhood (not really, it’s just raining very hard)!

For my next post, I’m going to tell you my top 10 favorite Pokemon! Stay Fly! 😎✌

Why are Rock Types TRASH?

Simple question, simple answer, it has 4 resistances (fire, ICE, flying, and bug),but it has  WEAKNESSES, Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, and Steel. So why does the rock type suck? Well, I just told you. it sucks to the best freakin’ types in the history of pokemon. STEEL?!!?! Come on, DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!!! 😑😣😣

Also, there are only 19 Rock type moves. Compared to how many moves Fire has, Rock types are the second worst type in the game after the dreaded BUG TYPE. 🤢

Note to every one who plays pokemon; Would you rather have flamethrower, or ROCK SHARD?!?!?!?!   Come ON PEOPLE, Rock Types are WAY to overrated (poor Rockruff lol).🤣

Hey, I LOVE the rock type, I love Lycanroc, I love RegiRock, I love Golem, but they all STINK. 😒 Why you bully me Shigeru Miyamoto?  So Fly Eli, Out.✌