Why are Rock Types TRASH?

Simple question, simple answer, it has 4 resistances (fire, ICE, flying, and bug),but it has  WEAKNESSES, Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, and Steel. So why does the rock type suck? Well, I just told you. it sucks to the best freakin’ types in the history of pokemon. STEEL?!!?! Come on, DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!!! 😑😣😣

Also, there are only 19 Rock type moves. Compared to how many moves Fire has, Rock types are the second worst type in the game after the dreaded BUG TYPE. 🤢

Note to every one who plays pokemon; Would you rather have flamethrower, or ROCK SHARD?!?!?!?!   Come ON PEOPLE, Rock Types are WAY to overrated (poor Rockruff lol).🤣

Hey, I LOVE the rock type, I love Lycanroc, I love RegiRock, I love Golem, but they all STINK. 😒 Why you bully me Shigeru Miyamoto?  So Fly Eli, Out.✌


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