Coming soon!!!

Yours truly has an announcement, I will be writing and drawing comics for the website!!! Me and my best friend Shawn have developed a comic business (not really, we make them for fun.)  It will be called NEON COMIX (trademark) !!!! The first adventure i’m sending out is about the ORIGIN of one of my personal FAVORITE superheros i’ve made up. The FIREBIRD!!!

Faster than a lambo at top speed, and more hot-headed than a volcano!  + a chance to win any of these Football Famers;  Joe Montana, Anthony Munoz, Cornelius Bennet, Roy Green, or Jeff Van Note! BUT, Only TWO cards will go, so it’s best not to peek! Send your name, address, and zip code to for your chance to win any of the hall of famers I mentioned above.

So, if you like mashups, NEON is the thing for you! And, as Stan Lee would say,                                                                                                                                                        EXCELSIOR!!!


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