Real Pokemon?

region map pokemonA lot of people wonder, what if pokemon were real? I wonder it too, so i’ll answer that question with the power of BULLET POINTS!

  • We’d be a LOT more physically fit.
  • If somebody had a close encounter, it’d problaby be an Ultra Beast.
  • Why collect cards when you can actually just play with a real Pokemon?
  • Kids who are 10+like me would be actually happy when our 10th bithday comes, even if we only get a pair of socks and a toy car as presents.
  • Nobody would make up Pokemon anymore because it’ll problaby show up in the next gen.
  • NO POKEMON GAMES!!!!!!!!!😫😫😫
  • There would be reality shows like “Guess That Pokemon” instead of the anime.
  • People are going to run their butt off just to see a legendary, small legendaries like Shaymin and Celebi.n
  • Would the states be the regions, or would the continents? Who knows?
  • People would stop using cars and just use ride Pokemon.
  •  I don’t know if the whole “sunshine and rainbows” thing from the anime would carry over to real life.
  • More “back in my day” stories w/ their old Pokemon.
  • More companies (I’ll give $10 if you can guess why)
  • Lots and lots and lots of bad guys. LOTS.
  • Less gruel, more “MWAHAHA!” type of bad guys.

We’ll stop there, but the list keeps going and going. If you are a kid and it’s sunny outside your window, go outside and play! Get some fresh air! I’ve been sick all week, and a hurricane is going on outside my neighborhood (not really, it’s just raining very hard)!

For my next post, I’m going to tell you my top 10 favorite Pokemon! Stay Fly! 😎✌

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