I figured out how to break Fifa 20

Soooooo, um, yeah. I may or may not have accidentally broke Fifa 20. It still works. In fact, posted a video directly after the incident. The link is at the very end, so wait. Here’s how to crash Fifa for the people who want to have a little fun (Noah!)

Now, I only figured out how to do this in a certain mode, so I don’t think you should try to do it in other modes.

First, go to Volta Football. Then, play any match as if you were at any point in the story. But this is the hard part. You are going to have to get 20+ points.

Yep. In my game the score was 21-5. When the game ended and it said “generating match report”, it just didn’t do anything. It stood there loading, while circling the street ball court like a bird. I waited to minutes and then just closed the game. Then of course I brought it back up, played a match or three, and posted a video.

Check it out guys, and of course, Stay Fly!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRPg9kOhBtU—–My Vid!

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