My First Post Since February

Hi everyone! I know I haven’t posted in, like, 9 months. That’s because 4 or 5 of those months I didn’t care about typing. But when I actually wanted to post, the app I typed on kinda maybe sorta REJECTED me. I just wanted to say to everyone, THANK YOU for being so patient on my blog (Shout out to superdude, Liz, Steffiandhercoffee, and theDiherian)! So you’ve problably wondered what I’ve been doing for the past couple months. I’m just gonna let you know, I’ve been getting sick a CRAPLOAD of times. From fevers to… well, fever was practically the only condition i’ve had. Also, from the time I’m writing this, tommorow is my birthday! If you want to tell me anything or ask me any questions about my birthday, Just write it in the comment section.

Also I got Disney+ and it is LITTERALLY better than Netflix, Hulu, and HBO COMBINED. The Mandalorian is (No spoilers) WAAAAAAY better than the first six movies. I’m not joking! It’s better than I, II, III, IV, V, and VI (oh, BTW, Those that I just said are a thing called roman nuemerals, in case you didn’t know). I DEFINETLY reccomend getting it. Unless you don’t like Marvel, Star Wars, The Simpsons (Yes, The Simpsons IS on there too), Disney, or Pixar, this movie platform is a 10/10 in my book.

And as you all know, Stay Fly!


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